Classic Cast SP4000
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Replacement Ash Cleanout Door part number C-S-1060.   ..
Replacement Auger Biscuit, Octagon part number A-S-3018. INCLUDES Auger Bushing (A-BUSHTOP) &..
Pressure Switch 80621 (C-E-201)
Replacement part 80621 Air Switch. --REPLACES PART C-E-201-- ..
Replacement Silicon Hose, part number 891121 (REPLACES PART C-M-340-T Air Switch T..
Auger Bushing A-BUSHTOP
Replacement Auger Bushing. Part number A-BUSHTOP. Top & Bottom brass (No Threads). ..
Replacement Auger Cover Plate. Part number C-S-1078. ..
Auger Motor 80642 (C-E-017)
Replacement part 80642 Auger Motor. Replaces C-E-017. ..
Auger Pin 83529
Replacement part 83529 Auger Pin. ..
Auger Shaft A-AUG-22
Replacement part A-AUG-22 Auger Shaft with flights. ..
Burnpot Assembly A-S-BURNPOT
Replacement part A-S-BURNPOT Burnpot Assembly. --Includes Burnpot Insert A-S-INSERT-- ..
Burnpot Insert A-S-INSERT
Replacement part A-S-INSERT Burnpot Insert. ..
Combustion Blower A-E-027
Replacement part A-E-027 Combustion Blower. ---Comes with Gasket--- ..
Combustion Blower Gasket C-G-101
Replacement part C-G-101 Combustion Blower Gasket - Housing to Stove. ..
Combustion Blower Gasket C-G-105
Replacement part C-G-105 Combustion blower gasket - Housing to motor. ..
Control Panel Faceplate C-L-101
Replacement part C-L-101 Control Panel Faceplate. --For Control Panel A-E-101-- ..