Our Focus

Since 1980 (when Engineers Al Breckel and Dave Wells started the company in Eugene, Oregon) Breckwell has been the leader in setting the standard in designing and manufacturing dependable, safe, and highly efficient hearth products. A common question within the industry is “Is it as reliable and trouble-free as a Breckwell?” It starts with our engineering, which is focused on designing High-Quality and High-Heat Performance stoves that are EASY to install, EASY to operate, EASY to maintain, and EASY on the eye. The steel, cast iron, motors, fans, control boards, and other components that we select are among the most durable available. Our stoves are skillfully hand assembled in our Eugene, Oregon plant. We are extremely confident in the quality of our products.

In addition, our One Touch digital technology control panels include multiple safety checks and diagnostics to extend the life and maximize the heat output and efficiency of your stove. As safety is a major emphasis, all Breckwell models are certified to be safe by an independent testing laboratory. Internal temperature and pressure sensors provide thorough protection. Breckwell has a stellar record for safety. Over the past three decades, hundreds of thousands of Breckwell stoves have been installed in homes throughout the world, keeping them comfortable and cozy throughout the winter.

Commitment To Excellence

Breckwell’s commitment to excellence continues to garner its success in the industry. In the current economy, Breckwell works to afford consumers the exceptional heat at an outstanding value that is consistent with its name. This is evidenced through multi-fuel and pellet stove options and continued innovation in these fuel-efficient categories of the hearth industry. Please persue our stove lines and witness for yourself.