History of Breckwell

The Beginnings

When the lumber industry was at a low point in the early 1980’s, Dave Wells and Al Breckel began exploring new options for heater stoves and home heating. In an industry polluted by downsizing, Dave and Al set out on their own to try their luck at building pellet stoves . Quitting their positions in the lumber industry, Dave and Al went full force into creating something special. Using their Eugene, Oregon homes as their launching pad, their results gave us the beginnings of what we know today as Breckwell stoves. In the spring of 1987, Dave and Al built and tested the first pellet stove insert and gave it the most appropriate name, Breckwell, combining the two founders last names.

Evolution To Industry Leader

In March of 1988, Breckwell moved under the umbrella of National Steelcrafters. With humble beginnings for two lumber industry professionals, Breckwell has evolved into a solid company with a steadfast commitment in providing the best pellet, wood, and gas stoves available. The oldest remaining "Made In America" hearth stove company understands the consumers needs and offers solutions for alternate sources of heating and fluctuating energy costs. Year after year, Breckwell provides exceptional heat at an outstanding value.


Today, Breckwell continues its role as the industry leader in both the design and manufacture of top of the line hearth products. We are proudly doing this in our new and modern facility in Eugene, OR. Our stoves are made by skilled craftsmen with years of experience in building the most complete and diverse line-up of hearth products available in the USA, Canada, and beyond. And the best is yet to come!!! Just get in touch with one of our sales professionals and he or she will be happy to show you why Breckwell continues to provide: Exceptional Heat, Outstanding Value!