Consumer Testimonials

"I've had a P23I pellet stove insert in my 1900sqft center chimney cape. WOW!!!...I can't tell you enough how I love this machine!! We installed this stove when the oil crunch hit about 3 years ago. I dare say it has been the best improvement we've made to our home. I have it controlled via thermostat and I burn about 3 1/2 pallets of pellets each season as primary heat. My furnace is only used to heat my hot water now. Our house has never been so warm and my annual heating costs are under $1000. I have recommended the Breckwell brand to everyone I know shopping for a stove. I have friends with other brand stoves that have had nothing but problems, but the Breckwell design proves to operate seamlessly with minimal issues and it is very easy to clean/maintain. Your local dealer in Turner Maine, Fine Wood Products is a pleasure to deal with too (very knowledgeable and helpful). I wrote this e-mail after walking through the living room on this cold 12deg snowy day here in Maine, saying to my family "I love this stove", as I have said many times before on cold winter days."

Kevin Arel
Auburn, ME

"We own a Classic Cast pellet stove. I just added up our heating costs for this year. I live in the Upper Pennisula of Michigan on Lake Superior. Our winters are very cold. We had been heating our home with just heating oil. This winter we used 52% less fuel oil. The winter was colder than the previous one. We had many more days below zero than the previous winter. Our house was lots warmer, over 70 degrees. We are very happy with our pellet stove."

Marvin Manninen
Lake Superior, MI

"This is a simple thank you, mostly to Betty. I have a P23FS , 4 years old. I use it non-stop, 24/7 in the winter. The auger motor stopped. I looked up the part on your website and was a little confused with the 2 motors. I left a message and Betty returned my call the next day. Betty advised what motor I needed, and I was able to find a dealer locally that had both motors in stock. I was still unsure of what motor to purchase and after several, several calls to Betty while I was at the dealer she walked me through what motor I needed again. Betty called me again at the end of the day to make sure I had purchased the right motor. I was still skeptical and went home to install the motor. When everything was done and said, the stove fired up and was running again. The story is a lot more confusing, but this is just the plain version. My thanks goes out to Betty and the wonderful customer service she provided to me. I have talked several friends into buying Breckwell stoves and they are just as happy as I am. With that said I will continue to be a loyal customer. The customer service provided to me was outstanding."

Jason Brungardt
Kansas City, MO

"I have a pellet insert model 2000 , had it for about six years and I still love it very much."

Steve Young
Carnation, WA

"Just a note to say how pleased I am with my recent purchase of a Breckwell Big E pellet stove . The stove installation was clearly explained, the start up directions were easy to follow, and the trouble shooting tips got me through a slight operational glitch. The stove is now working perfectly, and I am completely satisfied.
Thank you for a reasonably priced, well made pellet stove, which I recommend highly."

Chris Ward
Southington, CT

"I have a Breckwell P24I that I have been using since the late 90s…. I really enjoy the stove. It’s a great product."

Mike Patrick
Dallas, TX

"My wife and I purchased a Breckwell P24 about 12 years ago. A couple of years ago the control board went out and I updated to the new solid state and added a thermostat. We brought it up from the basement to our living room last year and heated our entire house all winter, (Wisconsin) and our furnance turned on only 2 times, the entire heating season. Our house is about 1500 square feet."

Bryan Gilles
Wausau, WI